Burnt Caramel: The IT Girl Must Have & Gla-Mullet Sensation!


For the fearless IT Girl who knows she’s the star of the show, our ‘Burnt Caramel’ is designed exclusively for you. You are THAT girl—the one destined to turn heads with our unique Gla-mullet! ‘Burnt Caramel’ is your statement piece and an instant throwback to our stylish ‘Aunties’ back in the day.

Spanning from 6 to 18 inches and weighing 450g, this buttery-soft Cinnamon Spice beauty boasts our most intricate color blend, adapting to your every mood and outfit. Whether you prefer a sleek, natural wave, or the raw, untouched texture, ‘Burnt Caramel’s’ versatility knows no bounds—wear it straight, up, down, pulled back, curled, ½ up- ½ down, crimped, or in its raw texture. Just like you, the possibilities are endless

Key Features:

  • Unmatched versatility for the modern
    IT Girl
  • 100% Raw & Single Donor Human Hair
  • Mimics Black/Afro-Caribbean hair texture
  • Tangle-free and minimal shedding
  • 6-18 inches of luxurious length
  • Double wefted for added volume
  • Wavy for endless styling
  • Full Wig
  • Mullet
  • Silky
  • 80’s/90’s throwback
  • Maintenance & Styling level: 7/10
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